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Keep Calm


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This acrylic seascape represents a range of emotions and experiences with which everyone can relate. Inspired by her passion for scuba diving and love of the sea, Candice created this abstract ocean scene to reveal the volatility of its waves.  The ocean is where tranquility meets turbulence, and where agile waters wreck against rigid rocks […]

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Candice is an artist – and whether she’s designing a living space, or breathing life into a blank canvas – her work is emblematic of her passion for life and connection to the world around her. What do you see when you look at this colorful, abstract piece? Candice was inspired by her hometown, Chicago […]

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During a Nashville winter, there’s no better place to gather than by the fireplace!  Candice has been working on a budget-friendly, fireplace makeover and is excited to share the photos. Using 12”x 24” natural stone tiles, Candice transformed the original fireplace (which was too small for the space) from its original plaster corbel and reclaimed wood […]